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Investing basics
Investing basics
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Investing basics
Investing basics
Investing basics
Investing basics
Power of ETFs
Investing basics
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What is a stock?
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Investing basics
Investing basics
Investing basics
Investing basics
Picking stocks
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Time valueof money
Investing basics

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App Store Ratings

I love everything about this app

Bloom has helped me start up my investing portfolio and has even hooked me up with a little bit of $ in stocks to start me off. I love how this app has shown me as well as taught me everything I know now about stocks and trading. I really enjoy learning new things and getting smarter, especially in areas I’ve never touched before. A couple of months ago I never imagined I’d be spending hundreds from my part time job paychecks on the stock market hoping to prosper, but here I am. Thank you to the bloom community for creating this app I enjoy everyday! I hope you guys will continue to update this app frequently and teach us even more things!


July 23, 2023

I’ve learned so much

I really recommend Bloom. It’s worth the price because of the education, confidence, and safety it gives you. I had other apps like Robinhood before, but I mainly just lost out or if I was lucky I was only gaining like a few cents. They didn’t really help, they incentivized me to buy when I shouldn’t have. Bloom shows me risk ratings, analyst ratings and stats in a super simple but comprehensive way. They show you what everything means, so even to a complete noob like I was, everything just made sense. It made me feel so much more comfortable. Cannot recommend more!!

Emilie B.

July 7, 2023

Great app, perfect start!

I have loved using Bloom! I'm 19, so the app setup is super helpful. It is set up in a simple way that allows me to really familiarize myself with stocks. The lessons are intriguing but provide great information! It is a great program and very helpful. I highly recommend for people genuinely interested and dedicated to learning about the stock market.

Ben A. M.

February 23, 2023


This app is not only a investment app to place money but it also gives you a good insight on investing too. The app is really organized and easy to find different things, and it's easy to start. The app has things called Oinks which you can use to join giveaways or get stocks. Overall it's a 10/10 recommendation.


February 7, 2023

Great educational tool

My 17-year old son asked me to help him set up a Bloom account after learning about it at school. I looked into the app and decided to give it a try. The app has really sparked his interest in financial literacy and investing. He is actually looking into majoring in business with a focus in financial planning, and he is loving the educational modules in the app. Highly recommended!


May 10, 2022

14 year old really learning about investing!

So far, we are really happy with this app. My son really likes the interface, and he's learning quite a bit about investing, which is great! I would recommend this app to families with teens.


May 20, 2022

*These reviews may not be representative of all Bloom clients. These reviews were unpaid and are from actual clients of Bloom.

Safety controls for parents

Approve or deny purchases & sells.

Approve or deny any of your teen's trading requests, and set restrictions on their trade types and frequency.

Choose what your teen can buy.

Bloom offers 200+ interactive learning modules for your teen to learn the basics about stocks, investing and finance.

Set risk levels.

Invest within your risk tolerance. Manage investing activity consistently.

Approve deposits.

Approve or deny any of your teen's trading requests, and set restrictions on their trade types and frequency.