We believe in optimizing for impact through customer-driven initiatives.

Bloom is a multi-generational team, passionate about improving the financial future of Gen Z.

If that sounds like you, it's time to join us.

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Our Values

Look for opportunities to grow

We are looking for team members who aren't just checking off tasks, but are thinking about how to push the business forward and increase their impact. We want you to look for new opportunities that we aren't taking advantage of, and go for it!

Make tradeoffs

We often have to sacrifice quality for speed to validate new ideas. It is important to know the balance between the two and to find good tradeoffs. For new ideas, we want to quickly test a hypothesis, instead of building the most robust feature that no one wants and having to discard all the code anyways. Once a hypothesis has been validated, we can make it more robust.

Take initiative and be accountable

We can rely on each member of the team to get their work done. When we say we'll do something - we get it without anyone checking in on us. This way, we can establish a culture of trust and not micromanage each other. When something takes longer than expected and we think we'll miss the target, we communicate that as early as possible with the rest of the team and figure out a solution.

Be flexible and ready to wear multiple hats

We are an early-stage startup. Our product, roadmap, strategy, and goals constantly change. We should not be scared of a rapidly changing work environment. Things may feel unstable, or even desperate, at times. We believe we'll overcome the challenges (as we have each time in the past), but there will be times when things can get really, really tough.